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    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    High Council of Wizards & Priests disband

    According to their manager, Greg ‘WhatIsHip’ Laird, High Council of Wizards & Priests, the latest project of Jimmy ‘DeMon’ Ho has disbanded after only two months of its creation.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    bOne7 and ComeWithMe eliminated from Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2

    Blow your Mind – an all-Romanian Kaipi lineup, featuring Armand “bOne7” Pittner and Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu, that was put together especially for a local tournament – failed to advance into the the Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 grand finals after being eliminated by the defending champions, XPC Gaming, in the semifinals. XPC Gaming will go up against team Refugiații, today, at 18:00 CET, in the tournament’s Grand Finals.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Digital Chaos, Fnatic and Alliance withdraw from The Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1

    Fnatic, Digital Chaos and Alliance have all recently withdrawn from The Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 group stages for various reasons. The Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 group stages are already underway, with some of the best teams in the world as competitors.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    BeyondTheSummit to lift the ban on Team Redemption

    BeyondTheSummit has decided that it is time to give a chance to Team Redemption and to end the ban, which was caused by multiple instances of match fixing, that prevented them from participating in any of the BTS hosted events.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    London Conspiracy re-enter by signing Princess Jellopy roster including the BabyKnight

    Since the conclusion of The International 5, there has been a constant swirl of player movement. Teams that stayed together to try their hand at The International have disbanded, and new powerhouses have formed. Many of these teams are still looking for long-term sponsors to fund them. One team that is no longer looking for a sponsor is the fresh-faced Swedish team Princess Jellopy, who have been signed by London Conspiracy.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Korok convicted for malicious bodily injury

    Charged with malicious wounding and strangle in May this year, Steven ‘Korok’ Ashworth has pleaded guilty and has been convicted by the Fairfax County General District Court.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang Championships: Opportunities for players and regions alike

    It’s hard to keep up with all the events going on in the Dota 2 scene especially now that they have announced a “four major annual tournaments” style of format to complement the International, the biggest tournament of 2015 held in the summer with a total prize pool of around $18m. Alongside these towering tournaments are a few notable ones who warrant your attention, especially when it turns out to be one of the largest Dota2 tournaments to be held in South East Asia.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    compLexity bids farewell to wayto and MJW

    Peter “wayto” Nguyen and Michael “MJW” Nguyen have parted ways with compLexity Gaming. The organization’s Dota 2 squad will try out potential replacements in the following weeks.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Bad news if you get in low priority: You now need to WIN the matches

    After removing other game modes such as ARDM from low priority games Valve have now gone and made it even more of a challenge to escape the dreaded LPQ. To complete your low priority games you not only need to complete the matches, you now also need to WIN them. This is going to make things a lot more difficult, however the number of low priority games you need to complete has been reduced.
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