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    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang LAN results: Digital Chaos eliminated, Team Secret and ViCi Gaming in the forerun

    The first day of the Nanyang LAN playoffs has come to an end. Digital Chaos have been eliminated, while Team Secret and ViCi Gaming remain alive and well in the Upper Brackets. CDEC, LGD, EHOME, Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid will need to continue to fight for survival in the best-of-one Lower Bracket series. The action resumes in Singapore tomorrow, at 05:00 CET, with the Lower Bracket game between student and teacher, CDEC and LGD.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Rave Dota returning to the scene, scouting for players

    Rave Dota is returning to the competitive scene after the Frankfurt Major. The organization has been on a hiatus since late June 2015 and is now asking regional players to apply for open slots.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Frankfurt Major schedule released

    The Frankfurt Major schedule has been released, providing information on all eight days of the competition. The Frankfurt Major will start out with a closed group stage scheduled between November 13-14 and progress to the open main event set to take place at the Festhalle Messe in Frankfurt, Germany.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Malaysian government endorses e-sports gaming festival

    The world of e-sports has grown rapidly in the past years, and things don’t seem to be slowing down as the Ministry of Communication and Media in Malaysia backs a national gaming festival to promote e-sports.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang LAN Finals: Third LAN in less than one month for Secret, CDEC and Virtus.Pro

    October has proven to be a busy month, as the third LAN of the new season gets underway. The Nanyang LAN – the biggest tournament in the Southeast Asian region – will take place between October 26th – November 1st, at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Singapore. Ten teams – six invited and four qualified ones – will compete for the $214,088 prize pool.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang Championships Day One in a nutshell - Judgement Day tomorrow

    The Nanyang Championships is the last major LAN ahead of the Frankfurt Majors, and day one has brought its fair share of weird and wonderful moments, both in-game and out. Ten teams are in Singapore competing at the Nanyang Championships including Secret, LGD Gaming, Virtus Pro and CDEC. Despite several technical issues, the casters put in the extra time on the opening day to try their best to get the show on the road.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Group B Preview

    The teams at the Nanyang Championship have been divided into two groups for a two day Group Stage in round robin format. Today, theScore eSports takes a look at Group B.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Nanyang Championships Group A Preview

    The rankings in Group A are far from clear cut; it looks to be the more hotly contested group, but here’s a breakdown of how the teams have been performing and their prospects going forward.
    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    Early exits, close games, and dominant performances: The Summit 4 qualifiers so far

    The qualifiers for The Summit 4 have been filled with a number of close games, upsets, and exciting Dota. Here is a brief update on who has been eliminated, who sitting pretty in the Upper Brackets, and who is teetering on the edge in the lower brackets of each region.
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