bOne7 and ComeWithMe eliminated from Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2

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Blow your Mind – an all-Romanian Kaipi lineup, featuring Armand “bOne7” Pittner and Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu, that was put together especially for a local tournament – failed to advance into the the Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 grand finals after being eliminated by the defending champions, XPC Gaming, in the semifinals. XPC Gaming will go up against team Refugiații, today, at 18:00 CET, in the tournament’s Grand Finals.

The last four teams were pitted against each other in the Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 semifinals, after over two months of competition. Kaipi’s almost full roster, featuring Armand “bOne7” Pittner and Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu, faced the defending champions, XPC Gaming – a team consisting of known players Cosmin“Masakary” Nechifor and Andrei “KeyaNo” Grigorie.

XPC Gaming dominated Blow your Mind (Kaipi) and took the first game in 38 minutes.

The second game didn’t go too much better for Blow your Mind, as XPC set the tone early on. The game was once again heavily one-sided in XPC’s favor until about 34 minutes in, when Blow your Mind managed to turn things around and snowball towards the end, evening out the series and forcing a deciding third game.

In the third game of the semifinals series, XPC took the lead early on and continued to snowball until the end, without much difficulty. The game was over in 38 minutes, with a score of 47:13. XPC Gaming showcased some beautifully executed Tiny, Timbersaw and Darkseer plays.

The best-of-five Grand Finals series are scheduled for tonight, October 25, at 18:00 CET, between Refugiații and XPC Gaming, and will be streamed on the Dota2Romania Twitch channel.

Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2

Started back in August, the second season of the Romanian Dota Pro League featured four Open Qualifier stages. Eight teams – two from each qualifier – advanced into the best-of-two series League system played over the course of four weeks.

The top four teams based on the number of points accrued in the League advanced into the last stage of the competition, the Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 playoffs.

Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 is organized by dota2romania.com, in partnership with TwitchG2A andesportsaddicts.com.

Further details about Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2 can be found on dota2romania.com

Armand “bOne7” Pittner signed up an altered version of his team, Kaipi, into the competition. Since the tournament was dedicated to all-Romanian squads, Alder “Beesa” Beano was temporarily replaced by Bogdan “BoB0′” Cărbunaru for the duration of the Romanian Dota Pro League Season 2. The rest of the squad remained unaltered and played under the “Blow Your Mind” banner.

bOne7&co. finished the Round Robin group stage phase at the top, with 19 points, closely followed by defending champions, XPC Gaming, with 18 points.

Blow your Mind (Kaipi) managed to sweep XPC Gaming, 2:0, in their group stage series against each other, on October 10th.

XPC Gaming took the first Romanian Dota Pro League Championship title, last April, after sweeping through RAGE.eSports, 3:0, in the Grand Finals.

On August 29th, Armand “bOne7” Pittner announced that he would breath new life into the Kaipi brand with a mix comprised of Asuna, Bufni, Beesa, and Kikoni.

Less than one month later, Alexandru “Comewithme” Crăciunescu was brought on after Kiril “Kikoni” Minkov left the team and registered as a KomandaMinus player for the upcoming Major. Antonio “canceL^^” Mihai took Kikoni’s mid role, while Comewithme replaced Salvador “Asuna” Khamis, as a support.

Kaipi roster
  • United Kingdom Alder “Beesa” Beano* (carry)
  • Romania Antonio “canceL^^” Mihai (mid)
  • Romania Armand “bOne7” Pittner (offlane)
  • Romania Alexandru “Comewithme” Crăciunescu (support)
  • Romania Alexandru “Bufni” Palievici (support)


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