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1 сентября 2015 13:52 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

How fellows of Putin help promote Dota 2 in Russia

how a certain autonomous NCO ‘Molodoy Talant’ (Young Genius), close to pro-government youth organizations, got 120 000 USD for the Dota 2 tournament

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10 августа 2015 15:54 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

Dota 2 Jokes & Memes vol. 5 — TI5 Edition

Funny moments from The International 2015

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7 августа 2015 10:19 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

All-Star: A Sweaty DENDI PUDGE appears! 10 lucky fans join in on the action!

Things are shaking up in Key Arena, and this year’s All-Star format! 10 players vs. 10 players in the Reborn client. 10 lucky fans were chosen by the team captains from randomly selected sections in the crowd. But the surprises didn’t end there. The last fan selection for Team Chuan, seated beside none other than Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov was a familiar friend in a fat suit. The crowd lost their minds. Source.

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6 августа 2015 19:03 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

Day 4 schedule: The last hope for CIS and SEA fans

Day four will feature the last team representing the SEA region, MVP.Phoenix, and the last team representing the CIS region, Virtus.Pro, fighting for their tournament lives in the loser brackets.

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6 августа 2015 16:47 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

Girl of the day

«Nerds! Freaking nerds! They’ve never ever even seen a real woman!»

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31 июля 2015 16:39 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

The International 5 Group B: Team Empire strikes back

Coming back from a one game deficit, after a best of three series filled with tension, Empire managed to defeat Virtus.Pro and grabbed the last available spot in the Upper Bracket.

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28 июля 2015 16:00 |Трибуна|Блог Engfeed

TI5 Groupstages Day 1: Group A in a nutshell

Our poll earlier in the week saw more than 47% of our users vote that Group A in the TI5 groupstages was the harder group, and the voices of the analysts on the opening day seemed to agree with the verdict. The first day of matches in Group A is over, and for those looking to get the main headlines, we look back on the big talking points and things to take away from Day One of Group A.

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