Day 4 schedule: The last hope for CIS and SEA fans

Day four will feature the last team representing the SEA region, MVP.Phoenix, and the last team representing the CIS region, Virtus.Pro, fighting for their tournament lives in the loser brackets.

A total of three games are scheduled for the main event's fourth day. The first matchup which will be MVP.Phoenix vs Vici Gaming, the last SEA hope vs the Chinese powerhouse who under performed in the group stages. The odds are against the SEA hope as they have lost the two games they have played against VG this year. The betting community is also not favoring MVP.Phoenix as betting odds for this match is 71%-29% in favor of VG.

The second game of the day will feature the last CIS hope, Virtus.Pro, against the favorites to win TI5, Team Secret. Looking at VP's performance in the group stages and betting odds, the possibility of Virtus.Pro being able to proceed to the next stage is low. 80% of the bets for this game are place on Secret and VP was not very consistent in the group stages, being able to 2-0 relatively stronger teams and losing 1-1 or 0-2 to comparatively weaker teams; an example would be going 1-1 against Newbee and then beating CDEC 2-0 later on.

The third and final games of the day will be between the winner of MVP.Phoenix vs VG and EHOME. There are many uncertainties for this match as either teams can probably win a best-of-three against EHOME; VG, being a Chinese team and having probably scrimed with EHOME, will have an easy time understanding how to take down EHOME, however, it also means that EHOME will also be able to easily understand VG. As for the other possible match-up, EHOME might not understand MVP.Phoenix as well as VG and could potentially be caught off guard.


20:00 CEST MVP.Phoenix vs Vici Gaming

23:00 CEST Team Secret vs Virtus.Pro0




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