The International 5 Group B: Team Empire strikes back

Coming back from a one game deficit, after a best of three series filled with tension, Empire managed to defeat Virtus.Pro and grabbed the last available spot in the Upper Bracket.

The first game of The International 2015 group B tiebreaker was clearly decided right from the drafting phase. Virtus.Pro managed to trick Empire into thinking they have a clue of what's coming by first picking Gyro. And Empire assumed that banning most of God's possible choices should win them the draft. But Virtus.Pro pulled the ace from their sleeve in the form of a Silencer last pick for their mid player and that seemed to have tilted Empire since they had invested their last pick into Silent's Ember Spirit.

Once the actually game started, Virtus.Pro just went through the motions of constant pressuring Silent which rendered him pretty much useless. With clear superior teamfight potential, VP rolled over Empire who were unable to respond in any shape or form.

Empire composed themselves and approached the second part of the series much more cautiously. Identifying the lack of catch and disable in Virtus.Pro's draft, they confidently chose the Anti-Mage for Silent and an assorted crew to support its unhindered development into an unstoppable force.

And again, the game played out just like one would imagine looking at the draft. Silent became too big to take down and with the Aegis secured, Empire proceeded to methodically dismantle the enemy base. Virtus Pro threw all their buy-backs in a last effort to defend their ancient but to no avail and the series was tied with all coming down to a third deciding game.

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