High Council of Wizards & Priests disband

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According to their manager, Greg 'WhatIsHip' Laird, High Council of Wizards & Priests, the latest project of Jimmy 'DeMon' Ho has disbanded after only two months of its creation.

Formed in August this year, High Council of Wizards & Priests has signed up on the Major registration list but unfortunately they suffered a roster change before the invites came out. Just before the Moonduck Studio Elimination Mode tournament they’ve lost Aaron 'Clairvoyance' Kim and with that they’ve lost any chance for a Major invite.

Having to go via open qualifiers for the Frankfurt Major, HGWP had a strong performance and secured the first qualifier spot for the main regional qualifier rounds but struggled in the group stage and ended their Frankfurt journey there.

At the Global eSports Cup Americas first group stage Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho has been spotted playing along with Yuen 'SingSing' WehSing for Monkey Freedom Fighters, a team that managed to advance into the next group stage of the tournament. At the same time DeMon’s previous team, Summer's Rift had also qualified, back in May this year, for WCA 2015. According to the same HGWP manager, Greg 'WhatIsHip' Laird it is uncertain at this moment what will happen with that slot.

Former High Council of Wizards and Priests roster:



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