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Who should be invited to the perfect Major? V1lat’s blog translation

CIS most famous Dota 2 caster V1lat has shared his thoughts about The Kiyv Major and possible invites. We have translated his blog.

Let’s talk about the perfect Major. 

I don’t mean organisational issues, like in Frankfurt, food issues, like in Manila, or the Shanghai stadium, but the esports side of the tournament. Everytime we complain that we are missing someone during the Major, and we always do! Team Liquid at The Boston Major – we were watching MVP instead, a team without a stable roster at that moment. We were missing some chinese teams in full rosters, but we had lots of standins. And we want so much to see everyone who deserves to be on the Major. And that’s how you do it!

Let’s omit the discussion about «Where the Major will take place». We all are glad that it’s gonna be in Kiyv, we all hope there would be no visa issues (Chinese, Phyllipinian and Malaysian players need visas to Ukraine, and lots of others), but let’s imagine that all players have visas and we just want to watch some good dota not some embassy vs players battles. This battle for sure is gonna happen, because of Ukranian government, that has 150 holidays per year, but I think we can pass through these difficulties. So, let’s talk a bit about the Major. 

As we all know 16 teams will be participating. And unlike CS:GO we don’t have a stable invite system of invites. And I’m going to make it up.

Direct Invites

At the moment we have several teams that definitely deserve a direct invite . 

OG – The Boston Major, champions, they’ve lost at DotaPit in the grandfinal. This is a 100% invite. 

Digital Chaos – 100% invite, they reached semifinal at The Boston Major, they’ve won ESL One Genting. 

Evil Geniuses — first place at DotaPit, first place at China Top. 100% invite. 

Newbee — won high-status DPL, second place at China Top, second place in Malaysia – 100% invite. 

The more we go ahead – the more difficult it gets. We have a few options for the 5th and 6th invites. Wings and Team Liquid. Wings are TI6 champions, they were defeated by EG at China Top and lost to Newbee at ESL One Genting. Liquid won everything possible after replacing Bulba with GH – Starladder and DAC qualifiers and the Dreamleague. We all know that Valve have a huge respect for LAN-achievements. So Team Liquid only have the Dreamleague in their backpack, while Wings haven’t won a single tournament since TI6. But hey are still world champions and haven’t changed their roster. 

So, here we have 6 invites. 

Regional qualifiers

As you all know there are six regions with their own qualifier now. Europe is divided into EU and CIS, America is divided into Southern and Northern. Both Americas need only 2 slots combined in my opinion. 

Why two? Remember Boston? It was impossible to find 10 strong teams after roster lock. Also guys from Prodota Gaming won open qualifiers against a stack of hosts and analysts. I doubt  that there are enough good teams there right now. The same applies to Southern America where half of peruvians are banned by Valve. 

This set of qualifier winners isn’t a prediction but my personal set of teams that would make the Major most attractive.

North America – 1 slot for the Major. Perfect winner – NP Dota2

South America – 1 slot for the Major – Perfect winner SG-eSports

Europe – 2 slots for the Majpr. Perfect winners – The Alliance, Team Secret

CIS – 2 slots for the Major. Perfect winners – Na`Vi,

Asia – 2 slots for the Major. Perfect winners – TNC Pro Team, Faceless

China – 2 slots for the Major. Perfect winners – Invictus Gaming, VG.J



Just have a look at these teams! Invites and quals are astonishing! This is going to be the coolest Major in Dota history. THE BEST TOURNAMENT IN THE WORLD. 

Well, dear Valve, I understand, that you definetly don’t read my blog, but take some thought! That’s perfect! And make a Swiss-system round robin - my joy would beyond borders.

Thank you for your attention!



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