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A team you want to cheer for. Selecao

1. They are famous for using taunts.

When you've heard about this feature added to DotA 2, I think your first thoughts were "that's useless sh*t". However, these guys from Brasil irritated everyone with their taunts, baiting enemies and then killing them.

2. They gave away their own shirts to their fans.

Obviously, they are not that famous and rich as Na'Vi for example. Until now they were not famous at all. But they appreciate their support that much you can't even imagine.

After SG x Secret our boys from SG went out of the arena and that just happened, a group of guys asked them for their shirts.


They did not have extra shirts, so they had to give their own. 


3. They kicked off Team Secret.


We all like underdogs, and these underdogs already kicked out Team Secret. With Puppey and Midone. And do you remember how Puppey reacts to losses?

4. We waited for years to see a team from Brasil.

Did you know, that even the first DotA was very popular in Brasil? If you compare users registered by region in DotA 1, you will see CIS, Malaysia, Philippines and... Brasil. But until now we didn't see any pro teams from there. The time has come! 

5. They are fighting against Evil Geniuses right now. 

And the game looks tough and equal. It's not a onesided 20min game you expected.  And don't you want to see EG lose and RTZ babyrage?

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