Invictus Gaming replaces EHOME to participate in ESL One New York

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Invictus Gaming will be replacing EHOME at the ESL One New York main event due to Visa issues from EHOME.

Earlier today EHOME announced their decision to drop out of ESL One New York because three members on their roster could not obtain their Visas in time. Instead, Invictus Gaming, the runner-up of the China qualifiers will be replacing EHOME to participate at the ESL One New York main event.

Translation of iG’s DotA 2 team manager’s statement:

“As an iG Dota 2 fan, have you been blown away by the hype of the S5 LoL world championships recently? Well I’m here to bring you some news for our Dota 2 team. Because three players on EHOME were unable to apply for their U.S. Visas in time, ESL One has contacted us to replace them (even though we need a stand-in). After several days of consideration, we’ve decided to take this chance and participate. If everything goes as planned, the iG Dota 2 team will travel to New York on October 1st to participate in the ESL One New York main event. If there is time I might plan a transatlantic journey as well. Everything is still being settled, we will announce our stand-in and final confirmation as soon as possible.”

iG's current Roster:

Considering that four players on iG’s current roster had made the trip to Seattle earlier this year for TI5, it is speculated that their new drafter Peng 'Super' Su will not be participating due to possible Visa issues. ESL One New York will begin this weekend, with eight teams fighting for a starting prize pool of $250,000.

Source: Weibo, GosuGamers


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