TnC roster changes; Teehee retires, Seven departs team

Philippine team, TnC, will undergo roster changes as John “teehee” Linuel Abanto and Jhonel “Seven” Jay Maguddayao separate from the squad, adding Mark Louise “xLucky” Reyes and Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto to the active roster.

TnC Pro Team made the roster change announcement earlier today on their website. Seven has parted ways with the team and teehee has departed to continue his educational goals.

Even though we don’t want Teehee to leave the team, we cannot force him (…) We wish him success and we would like to thank him for all his contributions in the team– Eric Redulfin, General Manager of TnC

xLucky was the sixth player on the team’s roster and will now be moving into the active role. Raven is transferring to the team from MSI-Evolution Gaming. He joined MSI-Evolution when the organization picked up three of the former members of Team Rave in June.

Despite the roster changes, the organization confirms the original roster will be the one to continue to participate in the upcoming SEAC 2015 tournament hosted by e-Club, worth $10,000.

TnC Gaming new roster

  • Philippines Nico “eyyou” Barcelon
  • Philippines Sam “sam_H” Hidalgo
  • Philippines Ceejay “gnoji” Pelagio
  • Philippines Mark Louise “xLucky” Reyes
  • Philippines Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto

TnC Gaming, a Dota 2 team from the Philippines, was founded in 2013. On February 2, 2015 TnC announced that their new team was participating in its first major tournament.

The team has won first place in Corsair Gaming Arena 2 and 3 and recently qualified for the MPGL Season 7 LAN finals, where they were eliminated by G-Guard in the Lower Bracket Round 2.

TnC had advanced to the playoffs in the TI5 SEA Qualifiers, but were eliminated in the Lower Bracket Round 1 by Rave 2:1.

Most recently they took second place at Corsair Gaming Arena #4 and second at Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 7.



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