MVP Phoenix: TI5 was NOT March's final tournament ahead of military service

The tale of Tae Won 'March' Park's "one last tournament" before heading off to military service was a touching one, and one mentioned several times on the TI5 panel. However, the Korean player talked to joinDOTA during the event to explain that he never meant he would retire immediately, and plans to carry on competing until the end of this year. TI6 however, is definitely off the books.

"TI is not my very last tournament," said March. "I won't come back for a while because I need to go off to military service for two years. I've been saying that I will retire soon, I never said I will retire straight after TI so there was some confusion there. I can't play after this year so I can't be at the next TI but I can be at the next Major.""I feel responsible for trying to put Korean Dota on the map. I somehow feel it's my job because I hope Dota can be more popular by the time I come back from military service. Every time we do well more and more people play, there was a huge boost in the number of players. I think it will be similar this year as well."

The Korean player also commented on a shift in attitude with how other teams treat them. "Last year I remember we wanted to scrim but we could not find any scrims. (laughs) Teams try to be nice about refusing and will tell you they are busy or having a break or something like that, but now teams will come up to us and ask to scrim. That's a big change.

"Ahead of the tournament March said he would be satisfied with top 8, and following the impressive 2-0 victory over Team Empire, his wish came true. The reward for their finish is also quite substantial, with the team splitting over $829,000 in prize money. With March committed to carry on playing until the end of the year, it is unlikely we will see any major shift in the roster.



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