CDEC, from Wild Card to TI5 Grand Finals

Game one started really well for EG, Sumai1L finding his farm on Shadow Fiend while Fear was winning the lane as well. An awkward tier one dive from CDEC resulted in a three for two kills exchange in EG’s favor putting them in the lead  even more, but that was the first and the last mistake that the Chinese did.

CDEC’s first turn around team fight happened 21 minutes into the game in Roshan’s Pit when EG tried to contest the Aegis but lost four of their heroes due to a very unusual failed initiation from Universe’s Sand King. With the Aegis on Agressif CDEC started to push as five which made Fear to fall behind the Chinese cores. Trying to capitalize on the huge farm advantage acquired by Suma1l, EG started to group as five as well and tried to push the top lane but Agressif was split pushing the bottom lane of EG forcing them teleport back to defend.

 At the 35 minute mark EG tried to take a teamfight outside their base to stop CDEC’s push but their Naga Song into Epicenter setup failed miserably as Tusk made the play of the match and saved three of his teammates with his Snowball. CDEC immediately counter-initiated and managed to take two melee racks on the back of that move.

As Ember Spirit found the farm to get his core items, his damage became too much to deal with for EG’s supports and even for Suma1L’s Shadow Fiend and that allowed CEDEC to secure yet another free Roshan at the 44 minute mark. With the Aegis on their carry and Cheese on Shiki, CDEC forced EG to call out the GG after a last team wipe.

One game away from The International 5 grand finals CDEC chose to play for the first time in the main event on the Radiant side.

The game was lost to some extend by Evil geniuses right from the drafting stage when they focused to shut down CDEC’s Bounty Hunter with their classical Spirit Breaker – Treant Protector combo but completely ignored Agressif’s Phantom Lancer.

Although EG tried to use Aui_2000’s charge extremely aggressive CDEC had impeccable reactions and every gank attempt against them ended up with a successful counter gank which favored them as Bounty Hunter found a fast level six in his unexpected offlane position.

Fifteen minuts into the game, a four man track wipe from CDEC put EG very far behind in experience and gold. Five minutes later the history repeated itself, forcing the boys in blue to call out an early GG. CDEC secured their fastest victory inTI5’s main event and most importantly the first spot into the grand finals.



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