Virtus Pro shatter Team Secret for the biggest upset at TI5

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The drafting stage brought another hero for the first time on the big stage of The International 5 as Virtus.Pro went with a last pick Medusa for Illidan.

Without a lineup to survive in the late game, Secret did what they do best and played a very aggressive early game, applying huge pressure on VP who were running out of towers only 20 minutes into the game.  Not feeling safe at all in their own jungle VP decided to try to postpone the game with four man smokes but they had terrible executions and they ended up to feed Arteezy’s Templar Assassin even more.

On the other hand, Zai and Puppey timed their combo Vacuum into Echo Slam perfectly every teamfight killing at least 3-4 VP heroes which allowed Secret to push high ground really early and they took the first game in less than 30 minutes.

For the second game of the series Team Secret drafted a full spell damage lineup on top of a Luna for Arteezy and VP responded with a Silencer last pick for Illidan.  As a result, Secret found themselves in a terrible position when it came down to teamfighting. Arteezy had the worst game possible, ten minutes in he had a personal score of 0-4-3 while G on storm Spirit was already on a wicked sick kill streak, finding pickoffs constantly.

Virtus.Pro kept the momentum up throughout the entire game and forced Secret to teamfight knowing that Arteezy is more of a liability than a carry for his team, in fact he was behind VP’s supports in networth twenty minutes into the game.

When VP decided to make the first high ground five man push Secret was not able to defend, they got wiped out by the Russians and lost two set of racks. Desperate to make a game changing move, Secret smoked as five hoping to get some pickoffs in the enemy Jungle but VP was also smoked as five marching to Roshan’s pit and the two hunting parties clashed. The outcome favored VP who wiped Team Secret once again and sealed the deal for a decisive third game.

Facing either elimination either the biggest chance to eliminate the main favorites to win TI 5 Virtus.Pro chose to pull out their Visage – Draw draft while Secret relied on their personal skills and played around their comfort zone heroes with Shadow Fiend for Arteezy, Kuroky Rubik and Puppey on the defensive support Dazzle.

Secret had an explosive start due to amazing plays from Zay who was facing VP’s trilane but he managed to get three kills by himself on his Darkseer forcing Illidan and his supports to rotate to mid lane to find kills in order to recover.

Rushing a Shadow Blade, Illidian went for a solo sneaky Roshan kill but he got scouted by Secret and he was forced out from the pit when Roshan was half HP tempting Secret to go finish it. A decision that triggered ten minutes of continuous clumsy teamfighting as no one was willing to give up the aegis freely. Kills were traded back and forth until Roshan was back on full Hp and things calmed down, both teams resuming the normal lane farming. But Illidan was trying once more with his Shadow blade to fool Puppey’s team and he managed this time to secure the Aegis for G’s Storm Spirit.


With immortality on their side, VP started to play extremely aggressive using all their smokes to get pickoffs after pickoffs which translated into all Secret lanes being pushed and VP gained complete map control.

At the 30 minute mark VP secured another Roshan which made Secret to smoke as five in an attempt to surprise the Russians before they would reach high ground but Lil’s reactions were top notch and turned the fight around completely in VP’s favor.  Secret lost the most crucial teamfight and their first tier three tower.

The next time Roshan spawned Team Secret tried to contest it again, but VP managed to hold on and wiped out Puppey’s team and from there on Virtus.Pro cornered Secret in their base.

For the last twenty minutes of the game Secret had to continuously defend their high ground and despite miraculous plays that pushed VP back many times, Secret eventually ran out of buybacks and Illidan along Lil’s familiars managed to secure the mega creeps.

At the end of the most tense 55 minutes long game from TI5 main event the main favorites of the tournament were eliminated by the Russian pride Virtus.Pro.

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