10 vs 10 mode unveiled in TI5 All-Stars

Kaci Aitchison promised a huge surprise for the TI5 All-Star match, and Valve certainly delivered. The All-Star match began with verbal blows traded by the captains, NoTail and Chuan.  Kaci then revealed the match's unorthodox format, in which crowd participation was key.  Each captain would select one fan at a time from the chosen sections of the arena to join his team for a 10 v 10 game of Dota.  After a Pudge cosplayer chosen from the crowd was unveiled as Dendi, the match began.

The return of Arteezy's Techies did not bode well for Team Notail, but after several snowball and toss suicides and an ultra kill, he at least partially redeemed himself after his poor TI4 performance.  While Team Chuan took an early lead, Team Notail began to catch up and eventually performed a full 10-man wipe on their opponents.  Team Notail's omniknight bought a mysterious item from the secret shop, which did not show up in his inventory or on the courier.

Arteezy continued to rack up kills with the aid of Sumail on Tiny, who repeatedly tossed enemy heroes into clusters of mines.  The game continued to be an absolute bloodbath, with over 130 kills at 15 minutes.  Players on both teams flamed relentlessly in all chat, with Arteezy calling GG every few minutes (a total of 25 times).

At nearly 30 minutes into the game, Mushi had had enough, and purchased a Divine Rapier on his Gyrocopter.  It was followed by two addtional Rapiers, and was extremely difficult for Team Notail to deal with.  After Team Chuan almost won the game by rushing the ancient, Notail's team pulled off an incredible defense and picked up several rapiers.  A hail mary play down mid resulted in perhaps the biggest comeback of TI5, as Team Notail somehow came out victorious.  They were awarded the Cheese, which was awarded to BigDaddyNoTail, and was eaten with Chuan and Kaci's help.

The 10 v 10 game mode will be released next week for the public to play.  Additionally, Kaci announced that all custom games will now be able to field 24 players.



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