ChuaN about Ferrari_430: “The first time I met him, I thought he was a little crazy”

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Luo “Ferrari_430″ Feichi is considered one of the best mid-laners in the world. Known for his incredibly high skill, Ferrari_430 has earned the nickname “the pianist” for the fluid manner in which his fingers command spells on the keyboard. TI champion Ferrari_430 is one of the few elite players who have competed in all The International championships – all five with the same team, Invictus Gaming. In his TI5 player profile, we are exposed to the impressions he made on his teammates and his views on IG.

Ferrari_430 started his professional Dota 2 career with Invictus Gaming in 2011 and has been on the team ever since. He has won numerous championship titles and top three finishes in a variety of major and premier tournaments, including the pinnacle of all titles, at The International 2012.

To me, IG means Dota. I’ve always been on this team. Of course our most memorable moment was winning TI2. I believe that for every player if they win TI, it will be the most memorable moment in their life.

TI5 will mark his fifth International participation with the organization, an achievement shared by very few players in the world. It seems that in an environment of ever changing rosters, it is rare to find professionals that remain loyal and have a special bond between with the organization.

Through the years, Ferrari_430 has always maintained a high level of skill and has never become lackadaisical about his position or career. He remains serious and has never lowered his expectations.

IG Ferrari TI5

Luo “Ferrari_430″ Feichi

Teammate Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan recalls his first time meeting Ferrari_430.

The first time I met 430, I thought he was a little crazy, maybe. He just practiced and didn’t do anything else.

Others express a similar first impression, describing Ferrari_430 as hard-headed, daring and even “ballsy”. It would seem that someone of his caliber and skill level would definitely exude confidence and courage that would easily be misconstrued as brash.

But for Luo, he believes that IG’s strength comes from the their ability to adapt and a willingness to try any strategy or hero in order to achieve their goals and to become the best. He doesn’t hesitate or fear trying a new style or replicating a strategy.

I feel that time passes by quickly, as if TI1 and TI2 were only yesterday, and suddenly it’s TI5. Before you can react, the time has already passed.

Watch Luo “Ferrari_430″ Feichi’s player profile:


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