IG and VP keep their dream alive

Fnatic vs Virtus.Pro

Facing elimination from the most important tournament of the year, Fnatic tried to surprise Virtus.Pro with a role swap between Mushi and Kecik Imba, going back to their 6.83 patch playstyle where the legendary Malasyian figure was playing the support role while Kecik was in the core mid position.

The early game was dictated by safe plays both teams favoring farming and the objective DotA playstyle, as eleven minutes into the game there were only two kills equally spread around the map. The very unusual tempo for a VP game was broke when the Russian team decided to go for Roshan and Fnatic contested it.  Having Mushi’s Song of the Siren on cooldown and no other proper initiation setup Fantic lost four heroes in the teamfight and gave VP the opportunity to start the pressure.

Forcing Fnatic into a continuous five man DotA, Virtus.Pro kept the momentum on their side, as their carry Gyrocopter and the Dragon Knight could win every team fight. Although Fnatic tried to avoid fighting the Russians as much as possible trying to recover the farm on Shadow Fiend and ky.xY’s Wraith King they shortly noticed that the very durable VP lineup started to threaten the base.

Left with no options than defending the high ground Fnatic crumbled under VP’s ferocious aggressiveness and lost their last chance to survive in the tournament.

Invictus Gaming vs MVP.HOT6

With their backs against the wall,IG went for defensive lineup aimed at late game featuring two heavy cores in Phantom Lancer and Shadow Fiend. On the other hand, MVP.HOT6 drafted the pub flavored combo Zeus-Bloodseeker complimented with AOE capable heroes like Jakiro, Lina and Earthshaker. In theory their linep should have been able to push early towers and even successfully defend high ground come late game.

 The two teams did not shy down from a messy level 1 brawl at the top rune where Luo overextended and conceded first blood. It looked like a great start for MVP.HOT6 and they kept their early game momentum going by taking all the outer towers quite fast courtesy to a bloodraged Jakiro.

IG responded with a very early Mek on Ferrari and coupled with Dazzle's sustain they started to take teamfights where they outlasted the Koreans due to their superior endurance. On the back of such a 5v5 they also took the first Roshan and started to apply pressure on the map. And it is this constant pressure that starved the Bloodseeker both networth and levels wise forcing MVP.HOT6 into a defensive stance. IG took no chances and kept a tight group of four heroes roaming around the map taking names and bashing towers left and right.

By the 35 minute mark, Burning's Phantom Lancer became a problem too hard to solve for the rather squishy dire heroes. Sensing blood in the water, IG overwhelmed the dire base and took almost 2 sets of racks with almost no effort. Just 2 minutes later yet another teamfight won by IG on their side of the map and MVP.HOT6 recognized their defeat.



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