FNG: «Better to play Fnatic because we know Na`Vi and Na`Vi knows us»

So, how are you feeling after the group stage?

I’m fine

Was it harder than you thought, this group stage?

Yeah, I mean we finished 5th so of course it was hard

I mean because the teams in group B were very similar in skill, do you think this makes it harder than Group A because Group A had a lot of up and down teams?

Yeah, I understand what you are saying. I think it really doesn’t matter. Both groups are same skills but Dota is Dota and every team can win every other team. So what happens in our group and what happens in Group A

Okay, so after you finished the group stage you had to play a tiebreaker. Were you expecting that or did you think you were already in? Because I asked Resolution and he was very surprised about the tiebreaker.

I believe on The International side there were some rules and I wasn’t sure they had revealed the tiebreak. We asked manager to ask Valve and after that we know that if Empire will beat MVP, hot six I believe, we will play tie-breaker

Okay, so what happened in the tiebreaker man? Were you disappointed by the results of the tiebreaker?

I mean, of course, Yeah when you are losing its sad after all but Empire is a strong team and I can’t say they won because of the lag or something. they simply won because they were better than us in that game. What happened exactly in the second game we were out drafted and in the first game we out drafted them and in the third game we just didn’t take risks that we should take. Like we give them free Roshans and they just finish with cheese and aegis. It was a big mistake from us.

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