Na'Vi's SoNNeikO plays a godlike Earthshaker against C9 to force draw

On the back of SoNNeikO outstanding performance on Earthshaker Na'Vi secured a draw against Cloud 9. However, it could have definitely been a 2-0 win as they were leading significantly in the first game also. C9 on the other hand are underperforming significantly as they have only 1 point after two series, and could well struggle to make a top 4 placement if they do not gather their thoughts before tomorrow's matches.

A scrappy first game for both teams, but Cloud9 chalked up their first victory

The first game was more about Na'Vi losing it than C9 winning it. The Ukrainians got off to a great start and dominated the early game. However, a questionable Midas pick up instead of BKB by XBOCT on his Slardar costed them dearly. Because of that he was very vulnerable in the constant engagements happening around the map on which C9 capitalised thanks to the Track from their Bounty Hunter. Despite getting back into the game C9's performance still left much to be desired. Cloud 9 made mistakes that one would not expect from a team of that caliber such as Envy using BKB on low health with an Aegis on him leading to a full team wipes. Nevertheless while taking the second set of Barracks Na'Vi overextended and lost several heroes. After that mistake C9 managed to rush down the map and kill of the throne thanks to a Rapier on their Gyro.


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