Top 5 offlaners going to The International 5

Third priority on farm does not properly summarize an offlaner's role and mission. The individuals filling this position are often the most skilled solo players, capable of facing trilane pressure without succumbing to it. Patience plays a huge role too, both in early game when they need to balance the experience gain against the risk of getting killed and in late game when their decision making marks the difference between an amazing teamfight initiation or an epic blunder.

The Rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Individual skill
  • Impact of the player in the team
  • Team accomplishments
  • Performance in high pressure matches

5. Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov


After their TI 4 poor performance, Natus Vincere has gone through a rough patch, and things went from bad to worse once Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov decided to take a break and part ways with the Ukrainian team. But then he returned, and so did Na'Vi, which goes to show how big of part he plays in his team's success. It’s hard to speak about his personal stats compared with other players for this season due to Na’Vi’s poor showing in tournaments in 2015 but, even so, his performance throughout the European Qualifiers proved once again that he is one of the most consistent offlaners out there. Alongside Dendi, his reliable playstyle and his rotations on the map are what keeps Na’Vi in the game. He hardly loses his lane and his hero pool includes a lot of playmaking ones with huge potential to turn around the teamfights. He plays a fearless Sand King, one of the most annoying Bounty Hunters, his Broodmother is one of the reasons Na’Vi qualified for The International 5, with Furion he can postpone the game up to the point where Xboct’s insane fountain dives are no longer a problem for his team and nobody wants him to escape from the drafting stage with Clockwerk.

Most Impressive Statistic: GPM: 636

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