The International 5:The Wild Card competitors

The Wild Card competition is the opening act of The International 5 and it is only three days away. Before the four participating teams start battling it out for the last two remaining spots in Key Arena, let's review their drafting statistics for the current patch.

The article was written based on teams’ drafts only for the current 6.84 patch in collaboration with Jaishil “Drifter” Mistry and it highlights their current playstyle.

Team Archon

Achievements:1st Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 52nd TI5 Americas Qualifier3 - 4th BTS Americas

North American Rejects announced the revival of their squad just in time to catch the US qualifiers for this year’s International and that's just history repeating as they did the same thing prior TI4. And to keep the story perfectly symmetrical with last year when they were picked up by Na’Vi as an US representative of the Ukrainian organization at the biggest DotA event, this year they signed a contract with Team Archon right after they secured their trip to Seattle.

The new branded squad benefits from talented players from the North American DotA scene like USH, Korok, MSS and Fogged, but who, for the past few years, couldn't quite find a stable team to call home.

Their drafts aren't exactly in tune with the 6.84 picks and bans but not entirely outside the box either. Team Archon prefers to play a hybrid of the current meta that implies the usage of some of most common heroes these days like Gyrocopter, Rubick, QOP or Shadow Fiend but at the same time they like to go with less utilized nuking supports like Skywrath Mage or Lina and the flexible offlane hero Spirit Breaker while the flavour of the patch Leshrac is completely ignored by them.

Team Archon Roster:

Chris "USH" UsherSteven "Korok" AshworthScott "chad" JensenIonnas "Fogged" LoucasArif "MSS" Anwar

You can read more at GosuGamers.


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