Nanyang LAN results: Team Secret and ViCi Gaming face off in the Grand Finals

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The third day of the Nanyang LAN playoffs has come to an end. Two more teams, Team Liquid and EHOME were eliminated, while ViCi Gaming have advanced to face Team Secret in the Grand Finals.The action resumes in Singapore on Sunday, November 1st, at 10:00 CET, with the best-of-five Grand Finals between Team Secret and ViCi Gaming.

The first match of the day was the three game series between EHOME and Team Liquid.

Despite an Aegis sitting untouched in the Roshan pit for several minutes and an Ageis steal coming from Team Liquid, EHOME were clearly in control during both games and executed their strategies well.

Team Liquid struggled to keep alive and were swept out of contention, 0:2, by EHOME.

EHOME advanced to the Lower Bracket finals to face ViCi Gaming in the last best-of-three series.

The first game was an absolute stomp, as EHOME ran through their opponents in only 16 minutes.

ViCi Gaming were able to take back their dignity and redeem themselves, easily taking the following next two games and advancing to the Grand Finals, after eliminating EHOME.

Nanyang LAN playoffs

The playoffs stage is played in a double elimination bracket format. The first two rounds of the Lower Brackets are brutal best-of-one series and all the other matches, apart from the Grand Finals, are best-of-three series. The Grand Finals will be played as best-of-five series with no Upper Bracket advantage.

Nanyang LAN brackets

Nanyang LAN results grand finals

Nanyang LAN results

Nanyang LAN results: Playoffs, Lower Brackets, day 3

EHOME 2:0 Team Liquid

Dota 2 Nanyang Championships LAN

The first game featured an Elder Titan pick on EHOME’s side. While Team Liquid seemed to have the advantage for most of the game, leading in both gold and experience, the game was rather intense and EHOME kept making big, risky decisions that ultimately paid off. Tusk and Elder Titan eventually became key factors, turning the game around for EHOME and securing the first win of the series.

The second game was almost an hour long, with Team Liquid doing all they could to turn the game and stay alive in the competition. The game started with trade off kills between Adrian “FATA-“ Trinks and Chen “Cty” Tianyu. In the end, however, it would be Cty’s Ursa that would have an insane performance with a 27:6:4 score. Despite the heavy farm on the Alchemist for Team Liquid, Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong’s Viper had even more farm. EHOME didn’t pick up the Aegis at the Roshan pit for almost 2 full minutes when they took Roshan around eight minutes into the game. Then, around minute 55, EHOME took another Roshan and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Borislavov’s Clockwerk used Hookshot on Cty, then Force Staffed himself and walked into the pit to take the Aegis. Team Liquid were unable to match EHOME’s damage output and take the wins in team fights, losing overwhelmingly to the Chinese team, with a 20:48 final score.

    • Nanyang LAN results: EHOME have advanced in the Lower Brackets to face ViCi Gaming, after eliminating Team Liquid from the tournament.

ViCi Gaming 2:1 EHOME

Dota 2 FY

The first game started with EHOME being very aggressive, taking first blood before the creeps spawned and another kill only one second into the game. With their early advantage, they were able to start out well. After a few team wipes, they were able to further their lead and claim the dominance. EHOME managed to once again draft a Tusk for Ren “ELeVeN” Yangwei, which he continued to play exceptionally well and Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong had a perfect game on TA. The game was over in only 16 minutes.

ViCi Gaming had a ton of aggression coming out of their lineup during the second game of the series, and EHOME didn’t have the ability to handle it well. Because of that, ViCi Gaming managed to get the better trade offs and had better burst damage. Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei and Xie “Super” Junhao had fantastic games leading their team to victory to even out the series.

The third game was a crushing game for ViCi Gaming over EHOME. With a flawless game for Super and an incredible performance by BurNIng, ViCi Gaming took control early on and maintain it until the end, destroying EHOME in 30 minutes, with a final score of 18:7.

    • Nanyang LAN results: ViCi Gaming have advanced to the Grand Finals to face Team Secret, after eliminating EHOME from the tournament.

Nanyang LAN Grand Finals, day 4 schedule

Grand Finals, best-of-five

    • Team Secret vs. ViCi Gaming, November 1, 05:00 CET

Nanyang LAN playoffs broadcast


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