Ditya Ra left Arcade.PowerRangers

Arcade.PowerRangers are hit once again by roster changes but this time around, the replacement of a player comes during the roster lock time frame set up by Valve.

There is no secret that Power Rangers have struggled to accomplish any great performance even since pre TI5 qualifiers when Ivan 'Gorec' Kartankov was brought into the team. At the end of July they even signed up with a new sponsor and became Arcade.PowerRanegers. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and they lost the Russian star, Gorec in favor of the newly formed CIS Rejects.

Two days ago Arcade.PowerRangers made a shocking announcement in which they stated not only that their long time sponsor ESFX have left the building but also their carry Dmitry 'Dita Ra' Minenkov decided it’s time to split ways with the team.

According to the statement made on their official website, the team morale was quite down especially after the unexpected loss of the ESFX sponsor and that triggered Dyta Ra’s decision to leave the squad. The decision was taken by Ditya Ra himself and there was no conflict with the other team members.

A replacement has been already found, namely Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov who is the new Arcade.PowerRangers carry player. TpoH comes from the Russian team Pries Gaming (Yellow Submarine) and he is known as a reliable stand in amongst the CIS players.

Arcade.PowerRangers roster:

  • Russia Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov
  • Belarus Maksim 'Jackal' Doroshenok
  • Belarus Eugene 'chshrct' Kostroma
  • Belarus Alexei 'j4' Lipai
  • Ukraine Danilo 'Bignum' Shehovtsov

source: arcade.gg, GosuGamers


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