ESL One New York full schedule and bracket released

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Starting next week-end, ESL One New York is the first LAN event happening after The International 5 and it set to bring a lot of emotions into play as Madison Square Garden is the meeting point for some of the best DotA 2 teams of the moment.

With all the participating teams being known and the caster panel also announced, ESL released the entire schedule for the LAN event along with its best-of-three single elimination bracket.

Featuring both Evil Geniuses and CDEC Gaming among the invited teams, the ESL One New York bracket has a high chance to bring us a remake of the TI5 grand finals.

The first match up will feature two teams that suffered serious roster changes in the post TI5 shuffle period. Team Secret and Fnatic will have to face each other once again at an ESL LAN event and hopefully they will put aside what happened in Frankfurt when Secret have humiliated the Malaysians with a last pick Techies. Since then a lot of things have changed, Techies got nerfed, KuroKy is no longer with team Secret while Fnatic has now an international line-up with Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier on the carry position while their new offlaner, Djardel 'Dj' Mampustiof , has managed to already become the new Fnatic sensation after the games they have played in the qualifier rounds.

First day of the event will continue with CDEC Gaming having to face the newly formed Team Fire who won the US regional qualifiers. Although they have emerged victorious form a bracket that included Cloud 9, Digital Chaos and ComnpLexity Gaming, Team Fire are now facing a much harder task at their debut at ESL One New York. But even so, CDEC have not been playing a single official game since their loss against Evil Geniuses at the TI 5 grand finals, almost two months ago. The question is: will the many qualifiers games that Fire played during the last weeks, help them to show a great team that is ready to upset the favorites? 

Next series of the first day at ESL One New York will bring together the two teams that can be regarded as the best CIS and the new Chinese sensation, Virtus.Pro and EHOME. While VP have chosen to not make any roster changes EHOME lost their veteran drafter rOtk along with DDC and Zyf. Despite all these they have managed to defeat Invictus Gaming in two qualifier finals, ESL and Nanyang Championships.

Round one’s last series will be played between Vega Squadron and the TI5 Champions Evil Geniuses. Both teams are approaching the new competitive season with untouched rosters. Same as CDEC, EG have been granted direct invites to all the tournaments which means they haven’t be played any official games since August 8th when they’ve won the biggest tournament of the year. Vega had to fight for their place at ESL and are the winners of EU qualifiers.

The way of how teams are spread into the ESL One New York bracket can provide another best-of-five grand final between CDEC Gaming and Evil Geniuses but of course, DotA 2 is a game where anything is possible. We have to wait only one week to see who will take home the trophy and a share of the $250,000 starting prize pool.

ESL One New York schedule:

source: esl-one.com, GosuGamers


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