Kaipi roster change: Kikoni and Asuna out, Comewithme and canceL^^ in

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Ahead of their first official series at 17:00 CEST this evening, Team Kaipi has announced major roster changes. Comewithme and canceL^^ will be replacing Kikoni and Asuna.

Emblematic of the current, chaotic nature of team compositions in DotA2, Team Kaipi have announced significant roster changes. Barely a month has gone by since Armand 'bone7' Pittner announced that he would be reviving Team Kaipi. Despite the team having yet to play an official series, Kaipi are set to bring in the experienced support play of Alexandru 'Comewithme' Crăciunescu and the relatively unknownAntonio 'canceL^^' Mihai to fill their mid role. They will be replacing Kiril 'Kikoni' Minkov and Salvador 'Asuna' Khamis respectively.

Comewithme has spoken out to DotaBlast about the changes on team Kaipi, stating that it took place to maximize on team synergy. He mentioned that Kikoni was "prone to frustration", which is problematic when attempting to form in-game understanding. Kikoni has officially registered as a member of another team, KomandaMinus. As for Asuna, Comewithme cited his inexperience and a ‘lack of synergy’ with the other part of Kaipi’s support duo, Alexandru 'Bufni' Palievici.

As a result of these issues, Comewithme and canceL^^ were brought into the Kaipi to try to rectify these identified issues. Comewithme is a support player who has been in the DotA2 professional scene for a number of years, most recently representing Burden United. cancel^^ is currently ranked fourth on the European Solo Ranked MMR leaderboards, ahead of Team Secret’s Alwi 'w33haaa' Omar. The experience and skill of Comewithme and cancel^^ will hopefully settle any nerves in the Kaipi camp, and lead to more consistent, level-headed play.

Kaipi’s new roster stands as follows:

  • Alder 'Beesa' Beano (carry)
  • Mihai 'canceL^^' Antonio (mid)
  • Armand 'b0ne7' Pittner (offlane)
  • Alexandru 'Comewithme' Crăciunescu (support)
  • Alexandru 'Bufni' Palievici (support)

With such emphasis placed on synergy between teammates, it will be interesting to see whether Team Kaipi will be able to establish themselves as a team to watch out for in the coming months. With the experience and skill of the players within their roster, they could be a team to watch. Kaipi play their first official series in the D2CL this evening, at 17:00 CEST, against CIS Rejects.

Source: DotaBlast, GosuGamers


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