The Summit 4 announced for $100,000 prize pool

The fourth iteration of The Summit tournament series has been announced with a $100,000 prize pool.

From December 9th through 13th, eight teams will face off in The Summit 4's LAN finals in Los Angeles for the base prize pool of $100,000. In order to supplement the prize pool, BeyondTheSummit, the organizer of the tournament, are planning to release a chest and compendium.

There will be two types of qualifiers for this event, an open qualifiers and a regional qualifiers; the winners of the open qualifiers will proceed to the regional qualifiers where they will battle the invited teams for an invite to the LAN event. There will be open qualifiers for three regions - South East Asia, Europe and Americas; these open qualifiers will be taking place on the 26th and 27th of September.

The Summit 4 is the forth iteration of the "The Summit" tournament series by BeyondTheSummit. The past The Summit tournaments have been quite successful, offering a total prize pool of $271,000 for The Summit 3 and $310,000 for The Summit 2 (from a base prize pool of $100,000).

As for the invited teams to this tournament, it is expected that the invitation format of previous The Summits will be kept, with a direct invite given to two teams and having the other teams fight for an invite in the qualifiers.

Source: The Summit 4, GosuGamers.


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