ReDeYe: «Kinda tired of these idiotic comments on casters»

The full statement of Paul Chaloner you will find below. 

Kinda tired of these idiotic comments on casters. If you are going to critique a caster, that's fine. If you don't like them, that's fine too, but if you don't understand their role and criticise them for doing it wrong because you don't get it, then you are part of the problem.

I recently stumbled on this comment about Capitalist, a successful DOTA2 caster who is generally well respected as a play by play guy. "I really don't like Capitalist.0 game knowlage always asking his co-caster what is the right pick,what is the right ban,what is the right itembuild(cuz he doesn't know shit...). Good play by play caster but still not even close to Tobi or LD

"Now, here's the thing. As I said already, you can dislike the caster, that's just your opinion. Saying he has zero game knowledge is an obvious exaggeration, so we can basically ignore that. The part I take biggest issue with is the next part "always asking his co-caster what is the right pick,what is the right ban,what is the right itembuild (cuz he doesn't know shit.." Um, he does that on purpose, not because he doesn't know, but because a play by play guy needs to bring in the expert and this is a solid way of doing it. Listen to professional sports caster across any sport and you'll hear these style questions too. Why would you explain it as a play by play guy with relatively little professional playing experience (if any) when you have a person sat next to you that can do it far better? Please, get real.It's made worse by the fact the comment ends with "Good play by play caster..." erm, so you basically DO understand what his job is, but expect him to be a colour guy as well? FML

Please stop giving casters a hard time on things they aren't supposed to be doing and understand what role they are playing in the show. That way your expectations of what they deliver will closer match reality.



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