Bask in pure chaos: WTFDota's celebratory 1 million subscriber video

With all the fuss over stream content being nicked or used without permission, Dota Watafak's celebratory 1 million subscriber video is a reminder that user-submitted content can be just as entertaining. The hugely successful series which has over 224 million views highlights amusing mistakes and ridiculous scenarios. Think DotaCinema's Fails of the Week on drugs to the sound of psychedelic music. Witness the WTF moments inside.  


The Watafak Dota team now join an elite club in the Dota 2 community who have reached a million subscribers, with DotaCinema most likely the largest currently boasting 1.2 million. If you like a bit of a laugh and plenty of nonsense then WTF Dota is a good way to relax. Their 1 million subscriber video also includes some real life footage from the creators of the series.   Source.


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