Fnatic books their ticket to ESL One New York

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Fnatic are the winners of the ESL One NY SEA qualifiers after a very close series against MVP.Phoenix.

ESL One New York 2015

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Fnatic has received their invite to be the representatives of SEA at the ESL One NY LAN event after their 3-2 victory over MVP.Phoenix in the SEA qualifiers. They will be joining Virtus.ProEvil GeniusesSecret,CDEC and four other teams at the  ESL One NY LAN event which will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October.

The SEA qualifiers has given the professional Dota2 scene quite a bit of information regarding the current state of the SEA scene and the play styles of MVP.Phoenix and Fnatic, two teams which underwent heavy roster changes after TI5.

Another two team domination in the SEA scene?

Looking at MVP.Phoenix's and Fnatic's progression through these qualifiers, the SEA Dota2 scene seems to be heading towards yet another situation where a few teams would dominate the scene. This time, the likely dominators are Fnatic and MVP.Phoenix as they managed to consistently take down some of the better performing teams in the region; MVP.Phoenix defeated TnC, a team which took down Ng 'YamateH' Wei Poong's team (Team123), and Fnatic managed to 2-0 all of their competition.

MVP.Phoenix's and Fnatic's play styles

Probably as a result of the limited time the two teams have had to practice with their new rosters, both Fnatic and MVP.Phoenix have rather rigid play styles.

Fnatic prefers to play a late game style which relies on Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier playing a hard carry and the other four players creating space, usually with heroes with high early to mid game impact. The team heavily favors Anti-mage, Phantom Lancer and Medusa for Black^, having picked these heroes six of the nine games played this tournament. The trend of the other four players on Fnatic focusing on playing aggressively in the early to mid game to secure Black^ farm can be easily spotted in game five of MVP.Phoenix vs Fnatic where Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung chose a more aggressive item build on Clinkz, opting for a medallion instead of an Orchid allowing him to roam and be stronger in the early-mid game.

MVP.Phoenix on the other hand has a play style that is in stark contrast with Fnatic's, the team chooses to play a more five-man style of Dota. This play style is reflected in their drafts as they occasionally draft team fight oriented heroes such as Witch Doctor and Gyrocopter. A look at the net worth difference charts in all five games of the team's match against Fnatic reveals that MVP.Phoenix frequently holds a lead in the early or mid game, a timing coinciding with the usual peak timing for a five man strategy.



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