Two years later, The Defense returns with a $75,000 prizepool

The Defense will be returning with its fifth season after a two year hiatus. The prize pool on offer for this season is the biggest so far, at $75,000.

In about two days time, the fifth season of The Defense, one of the oldest Dota2 tournaments, will return with 18 teams battling it out online for a $75,000 prize pool. As of the writing of this article, none of the participating teams has been announced.

The Defense will be split into four stages. Stage one and two are double group round robins and stage three and four are the playoffs. Twelve teams will be split into two groups for stage one, the top three of each group will proceed to stage two. In stage two, the six teams from stage one and six directly invited teams will be split into two groups; it is assumed that the top three of each group will proceed to the playoffs. The details of stage three and four has not been released.

The tournament will be streamed in various languages on twitch, with the English coverage done by joinDOTA.

The Defense is an online Dota2 tournament run by joinDOTA and is one of the oldest Dota2 tournaments, having started in 2011. The tournament was put on hiatus after season four in 2013 but will be resuming this year after season five was announced a few days ago.

Banner image from The Defense, headline image from h3fmaydota's youtube

Source: joinDOTAThe Defense


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