Hao returning to Newbee

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According to Newbee´s Zhang 'Mu' Pan Weibo, Chen 'Hao' Zhihao will be joining Newbee. This will be Hao´s second time with Newbee and the team is looking to repeat their former success.Last time Hao played for Newbee they won The International 2014, World Cyber Arena 2014 and Mars TV Dota 2 League 2014. At that time Newbee was one of the world's strongest teams and they were absolutely dominant in most of their matchups. Signing Hao will drastically increase Newbee´s chances of returning to the top after what was a pretty disappointing year for the defenders of the Aegis.With Hao joining Newbee it is unclear what will happen with their current carry player Wang 'Rabbit' Zhang and if there be more changes in the team.



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