ESL One New York EU Main Qualifiers brackets and schedule announced

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ESL have announced the schedule, brackets and the names of the 14 participating teams for the upcoming ESL One New York European Main Qualifiers. Nine invited teams, three qualified teams from the open qualifiers and two qualified teams from earlier events will battle it out in the Main Qualifiers starting August 31st. Only one team will prevail to earn a place at ESL One New York, scheduled to take place between October 3-4, at the Madison Square Garden, in New York.

The ESL One New York European Main Qualifiers will begin on August 31st and conclude on September 6th, with a best-of-five grand finals to determine the sole winner that will advance to compete at the ESL One New York for the $250,000 base prize pool.

The nine invited teams include both Team Empire which recently bid farewell to Yoky and ALWAYSWANNAFLY and Na’Vi which recently parted ways with Artstyle.

It also will give exposure to recently formed Monkey Freedom Fighters (a team comprised of WehSing “SingSing” Yuen, Titouan “PARIS” Merloz, Turtoi “Arise” Ionut , Sébastien “7ckingMad” Debs and Yazied “Yapzor” Jaradat) and debut 5Jungs (a team comprised of Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen, Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, Adrian “FATA-“ Trinks and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Borislavov).

Goblak’s stack team123123, Golden Boys (formerly London Conspiracy) and Abraxas qualified this last weekend in the ESL One EU Open Qualifiers.

EE’s Disciples (EED) won Go4Dota2 July finals and Turkish team We Make the Future qualified through the Red Bull Last Champions tournament.

The ESL One New York SEA Main Qualifiers will take place during the same week, starting September 1 through September 6th.

The North American open qualifiers have already started and will conclude this weekend.

ESL One New York European Main Qualifiers Format

    • All games will be best-of-three
    • Single elimination format
    • As TI5 main event participants, Team Empire and Na’Vi will begin in Round 2
    • Grand Finals will be best-of-five series
    • Only one team qualifies

ESL One New York European Main Qualifiers Schedule

    • Monday, August 31st:17:00 CEST – Monkey Freedom Fighters vs. 4 Clovers & Lepricon20:00 CEST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. We Make The Future
    • Tuesday, September 1st:17:00 CEST – ARCADE.Power Rangers vs. newteam12312320:00 CEST – Abraxas vs. The Alliance
    • Wednesday, September 2nd:17:00 CEST – Vega Squadron vs. EE’s Disciples20:00 CEST – Golden Boys vs. 5Jungs
    • Thursday, September 3rd:17:00 CEST – Vega Squadron/EE’s deciples vs. Monkey Freedom Fighters/4CL20:00 CEST – Ninjas in Pyjamas/We Make The Future vs. Abraxas/Alliance
    • Friday, September 4th:17:00 CEST – Na’Vi vs. Power Rangers/newteam12312320:00 CEST – Empire vs. Golden Boys/5 Jungs
    • Saturday, September 5th:17:00 CEST – Semifinal 120:00 CEST – Semifinal 2
    • Sunday, September 6th:18:00 CEST – Grand Finals

ESL One New York

Dota 2 Madison Square Garden

This year will feature a starting prize-pool of $250,000, almost double the final amount of last year’s event.

Invited teams have not yet been announced, although many will expect to see the reigning champions ViCi Gaming in attendance.

The event will take place again at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, on October 3rd and 4th.


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