The NIP boys are back for another season

The Swedish team, Ninja in Pyjamas, has signed up for the upcoming Major with their lineup from last season.

It seems that the Ninja in Pyjamas Dota2 squad will be staying together for another season, after they signed up for the upcoming Major and have previous showed no signs of disbanding or making roster changes. The Dota2 roster listed on the NiP website has also not been changed.

Ninja in Pyjamas's roster:

The current Ninja in Pyjamas Dota2 squad formed in September of last year under the name of Lajons, after a slew of relatively good results, the team was picked up by NiP. Under NiP, the team managed to place well in quite a few tournaments and was given a spot in the TI5 European qualifiers. However, NiP failed to qualify, despite the team being one of the favorites to finish top two. The last recorded official game played by NiP was against Cloud9 on the 3rd of July.

Although the team fell short in TI5, many fans will most likely be welcoming the lack of roster changes. This is because of the results the team showed prior to TI5, where they managed to qualify and place well in multiple international LAN events such as Major All Stars (3rd) and StarLadder Season 11 (3rd).



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