kYxY out from Fnatic

The first player to break the silence from Fnatic is kYxY who officially announced his exit from the team.

With no official news coming out from the organization, Fantic's roster changes have been rumored for few days now and it all started with Firdaus 'MasterRamen' Hashim, owner of e-Sukan (An eSports/ Dota2 news site) who stated in a Facebook post that three players have been already kicked from the team.

Today, the first player to make a post about his future is Lee 'kYxY' Kong Yang who announced via Twitter that he is out from Fnatic and he is hoping to find a new home fast for the upcoming Major.

"I'm out from Fnatic, i actually feel quite upset but life goes on, Hope i get a new team soon for upcoming tourney. Never give up!"

kYxY joined Mushi and Ohaiyo in Orange Esports at the beginning of 2013 and from there on they split ways for few months when Mushi went for Team DK while the other two went to Titan.

Last year four ex Orange members reunited under the banner of Team Malaysia, a team without any sponsors that became a real force in SEA. By winning multiple tournaments in the region and qualifying for few LAN events in Europe, Team Malaysia attracted Fantic’s attention and they signed with the organization few weeks before The International invites to come out.

Their performance during the last competitive season was rewarded with a direct invite at TI5 but unfortunately they underperformed in Seattle and finished only in the 16th place.



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