Vici Gaming send Cloud9 home

Amazing Fy plays combined with the proverbial C9 inability to close games lead to the inevitable demise of yet another western team.

Game One:

Vici Gaming came prepared with a global strategy that involved an Ancient Apparition third pick and a Hao Spectre for the last one while Cloud 9 went with a team fight oriented draft with Gyrocopter – Io  combo and a Shadow Fiend for Fata.

The game started with a level one teamfight over the first bounty rune and b0ne7 secured the first blood for his team. Cloud 9 went after that with an aggressive trilane Gyrocopter-Bane- Io to delay Hao’s farm towards a Radiance.

Using a lot of rotations during the early game, Cloud 9 forced Vici to engage in teamfights and for the first twenty minutes none of them managed to get in the lead as the score kill score board was 19-19. At the 23 minte mark Cloud 9 finally found their lead by killing three Vici heroes and went for the first Roshan kill, placing the Aegis on Shadow Fiend.

They capitalized on their lead and managed to take the first lane of racks but as they tried to take also the mid lane from Vici, they lost a huge team fight due to insane plays from fy on his signature Rubik who stole b0ne7’s Supernova and turned the fight around.

Ten minutes later quite the same scenario happened, FY demonstrating that he still is the best Rubik in the world, stealing Shadow Fiend ultimate and helping Hao to team wipe Cloud 9 which brought Vici Gaming back in the game.

With the game reaching very late stage Cloud 9 lost entirely the control of the map and they were forced to play defensively as Hao was seven sloted with a personal courier who was following him everywhere with a Refresher Orb.

When VG took the Aegis- Cheese Roshan, 64 minutes into the game Cloud 9 realized that their only chance to still win the game was to try to backdoor the exposed Radiant Ancient and tried to achieve that with Fata’s Shadow Fiend and Envy’s Gyrocopter. But they did not had the damage required and got killed by Vici who came to defend and with their cores on the sidelines with no buyback option, Cloud 9 once again failed to close a game that they had in their hands.

Game Two:

Second game brought pocket strats from both of the teams as Vici went with a heavy lock down lineup and a surprise Sniper last pick while Cloud 9 rolled their not so secret support duo Undying – Pugna on top of Bloodseeker Shadow Fiend and Queen of Pain, which summed up to a lot of pushing power but no disables.

But C9 failed to gain the momentum they expected and the entire laning phase went in Vici’s favor with a Sniper –Super forcing Fata out of his lane and bullying the other two lanes with every rotation he made.

Although Cloud 9 had the better push on paper, Vici were the ones to go fully aggressive, constantly getting pickoffs and towers which put them in a huge lead only ten minutes into the game.

At the 19 minute mark Cloud 9 made a desperate 5 man smoke Roshan attempt and despite de fact they secured the Aegis for Fata they lost it immediately after, along with three other heroes in the teamfight that followed. That allowed Vici to start the high ground siege and although they failed their first gg push losing four heroes to Cloud 9 defense they regrouped and forced Cloud 9 to admit their elimination from TI5.  


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