A disappointing Day One for EG , VP and Empire

Evil Geniuses vs Virtus.Pro

Evil Geniuses versus Virtus Pro was certainly one of the most anticipated matchups from group B and the teams delivered the high level DotA expected from them.

The story of first game boiled down to the midlane duel between Sumail's Templar Assasin and Illidan's Silencer who was drafted with the sole purpose of nullifying EG's snowballing potential. And for a while, the russians managed to keep a tight leash on Sumail with constant pressure applied on the talented youngster. But EG quickly banded arround Sumail and started to serve the pain back to Virtus Pro with amazing initiations from Universe's Clockwerk followed immediately by devastating QoP ultimates. That gave Sumail the breathing time he needed to bounce back and in the usual manner he ended up wrecking the opposition. It's worth mentioning the cohesion displayed by EG, both in teamfights and in the itemization startegy aimed at negating the Global Silence Virtus Pro was so relying on.

The second part of the series can also be described as a duel, a duel of the drafters to be more specific. Although ppd is renowned for his amazing overview of the meta and great theorycrafting prowess, he had to bow down in front of fng's brilliant intuition. Evil Geniuses attempted a safe second game by drafting a four protect one lineup comprised of ganking supports and bursty cores who were meant to create noise around the map while Fear's Ember Spirit farmed up a fat and unstoppable inventory of items.

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