coL marches without any complication against MVP.Phoenix

Game 1

Yet again, we see the appearance of the Great Disabler, Naga Siren by MVP Phoenix followed by that common but solid Tusk pick. In respond to that, compLexity went with Gyrocopter, Winter Wyvern and DK as their mid. To shut down the DK, MVP.Phoenix picked the heavy burst Lina as their mid. For the last pick, both teams went for big ultimate heroes, Enigma for compLexity and Earthshaker for MVP.Phoenix.

A 5 man smoke from MVP secured the 1st blood and a bonus double kill for MVP's support, dazzle. A perfect start for the Korean squad! 3 man ambush on QO at the top rune brought down Lina whom took back her revenge less than a minute later by burning down the fire breather DK. It took less than 8 minutes for compLexity to bring the top tier 1 tower. Just minutes later, it was 2 for 2 tower trade and a 2 for 2 hero trade as a fight broke off at the radiant jungle.

In a minute, MVP lost 4 heroes with no return kills in return even after the echo slam was dunked. On the brighter side, space was created for Naga as she continues to farm her radiance.

Roshan goes to compLexity at the 17th minute as Gyrocopter took the Aegis. Complexity had a very good chance to get a 3 man black hole but denied by the song of the Siren whom just picked her 18 minutes radiance. Having black hole and aegis in their pocket, complexity continued to push mid and getting 2 kills as a bonus. It was a classic rat for Naga and the Nature's Prophet who were having the upper hand.

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