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Ridiculous moments and short analysis over Fnatic vs Vici match

What’s going on?

If you were told an hour before the start of the match Fnatic – Vici that Fnatic will lose, and during the match, the Swedes will throw a lot of ridiculous rounds, you would have laughed. But in such a scenario took place face-to-face meeting.

2v4 clutch, impressive defuse and the knife kill

One of the funniest rounds of the match. Insane clutch, defusing «oh, there’s a smoke» style and timing kill with a knife for KRIMZ. Fnatic was a little short.

Fnatic lose weapon round to pistols

Auman killed a corpse

Maybe he thought he’s playing Resident Evil. It was probably worth the Vici round. If Auman had successfully entered the back, the score would have turned into a crushing one.

3 misses and piercing headshot

It’s not about the problems of Fnatic, but it fits perfectly this match. Kaze first missed three not that difficult bullets, and then he shot through the box on B-site and got to the head of Xizt.

The funniest rounds are the decisive ones

Okay, that was enough. Laughed?

If we talk seriously, we can note a few points:

1. The score does absolutely not fit the game. In the first half of the match Vici led 8-1, but they were constantly without money. Most rounds of the match were either ridiculous endings or clutches 1vs1, 2vs2. By clutches Vici won 5:2 – these few rounds сould help Fnatic  to catch the victory.

2. Vici prepared well for the match, Vici are good shape, Vici has achieved success in clutches, but still did not look stronger Fnatic. The victory was obtained, in fact, in very equal match.

3. Vici worked a lot for this game and especially on the strategy for Overpass. What the Chinese special respect, because Asian teams are traditionally not so strong tactically. Fnatic consistently used to search the opponents in their back, but Vici still found the window.

Vici won and immediately created the first sensation. And at the same time, they broke Pick’Em predictions for thousands of CS fans. And Fnatic... If Fnatic keeps playing such poorly, in a couple of days they will fly to Sweden.

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