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    Автор Никита Кондратенко

    Na'Vi: Flashback and Road to The International 2015

    “The best time of the year” as Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell would say, is soon approaching. The International, bigger than ever, is closing in at a fast pace with an enormous prize pool expected to be more than $15 million USD, setting an all time high for eSports. This has of course caused an expected amount of shuffling around in team rosters to prepare the strongest line-ups for the yearly tournament.
    Автор Никита Кондратенко

    The Dark Horses of The International 5

    Counting the few days left till the start of The International 5, we take a last look at the underdogs, going over their hero repertoires, the outline of their drafts and the way their choices fit the current meta.
    Автор Jaroslav Komkov

    The Collector’s Aegis of Champions

    With The International just around the corner, we’d like to announce an exclusive reward, the 2015 Collector’s Aegis of Champions.
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