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    Автор George Yadvidchuk

    ChuaN about Ferrari_430: “The first time I met him, I thought he was a little crazy”

    Luo “Ferrari_430″ Feichi is considered one of the best mid-laners in the world. Known for his incredibly high skill, Ferrari_430 has earned the nickname “the pianist” for the fluid manner in which his fingers command spells on the keyboard. TI champion Ferrari_430 is one of the few elite players who have competed in all The International championships – all five with the same team, Invictus Gaming. In his TI5 player profile, we are exposed to the impressions he made on his teammates and his views on IG.
    Автор Никита Денисенко

    IG and VP keep their dream alive

    For the first time in the tournament IG looked like a solid team and rolled over the unexperienced MVP.HOT6 players while Fnatic failed to tilt Virtus Pro with their unexpected role swap between Mushi and Kecik Imba.
    Автор Никита Денисенко

    The two Champions Newbee and Na’Vi eliminated from TI5

    The do or die lower bracket matches started and at the end of the first two games, the defending Champions, Newbee are leaving the tournament alongside the TI1 Champions and three times finalist Natus Vincere. Mvp.Phoenix and Vici Gaming are the first two teams from the lower bracket to survive the BO1 gauntlet.
    Автор Никита Денисенко

    ChuaN: «We will take one step at a time»

    We caught up with ChuaN from Invictus Gaming to talk about their underperformance in the groupstage of The International 5 as well as his possible retirement after the tournament.
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