Team Archon give 747 clearance to fly, but crash and burn in the Open Qualifiers

Team Archon announced the departure of Eric ‘747’ Dong, replaced by Jaron ‘monkeys-forever’ Clinton, losing their direct invite to the Americas qualifiers for the Frankfurt Major. They were then eliminated from the Open Qualifiers.

The North American outfit Team Archon announced on their official website that Eric ‘747’ Dong has parted ways with the team. Brian ‘FLUFFNSTUFF’ Lee, the captain of Team Archon, explained in the announcement that the change was made to “perform better overall”. FLUFFNSTUFF believed that 747’s personal playstyle “didn’t mesh well” with the style of the rest of Team Archon, and a change was necessary in order to improve their level of play ahead of the Frankfurt Major.

747 has been replaced by Jaron ‘monkeys-forever’ Clinton, formerly of ROOT Gaming. FLUFFNSTUFF believes that monkeys-forever “will be a fitting replacement” and that he compliments the playstyle of Team Archon. monkeys-forever has been playing DotA2 since the age of 11, and has demonstrated his skill on heroes from Storm Spirit to Anti-Mage.

Team Archon’s roster stands as follows:

However, Team Archon’s road ahead was made more difficult by the roster change. Due to Valve’s restriction on roster changes outside of designated trading periods, Team Archon lost their direct invite to the Americas qualifier for the Frankfurt Major, and had to prove their strength by fighting through the Open Qualifiers for the event. Initially they showed promise, progressing to the Round of 16. Sadly, they suffered a 0:1 defeat to Team Dilecom, and were eliminated from the Open Qualifiers. Thus, they will not be going to Frankfurt.

Sadly, the new Team Archon will not be seen at the Frankfurt Major. The team will have to come together mentally, putting their elimination behind them and focusing on their upcoming matches. With the experience of FLUFFNSTUFF at the helm, they are sure to come out all guns blazing, and will be a team to watch in the future.

Source: Team Archon official website, GosuGamers.

Headline image from ongamer


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