ESL One NY America’s main qualifier kicking off this weekend

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Starting with September 12th, eight directly invited teams and four that came via open NA qualifiers will battle each other at ESL One New York North America main qualifiers for a spot into the main event.

Following the same SEA and EU main qualifiers format, the 12 US participating teams are divided into two tiers.

Tier 1 invited teams:

Tier 2 qualified and invited teams:

The tier one seeded teams will wait for the first round of games to be finished before entering the competition.

This will be the first occasion for some of the new formed squads to test their roster in a high competitive environment. Unfortunately for their fans two of the main favorites, Cloud 9 and Digital Chaos will face each other early in the competition, assuming that Cloud 9 will pass the first round.

The newly formed team and organization Digital Chaos features one of the TI5 Champions, Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling and two more veterans namely Sam 'BuLba' Sosale and Tyler 'TC' Cook. Their roster is completed with two rising North American pubstars, Dat 'Biryu' Quoc Ha and Suma1L’s older brother Yawar 'YawaR' Hassan.

North American qualifiers for ESL One NY will bring a lot of action given the interesting line-ups that the scene has to offer this season. The new Cloud 9 will make their debut as well and it is the first time the organization chooses to represent North America in the DotA 2 scene. The ex Team Secret coach Theeban '1437' Siva has put together a mix of familiar faces, like  Braxon 'Brax' Paulson, Arif 'MSS' Anwarand, and a couple of newcomers in his attempt to “reinvigorate the North American scene”, as he declared in the official Cloud 9 announcement.

Another new squad that has great potential to steal the show is High Council of Wizards & Priests. They boast a handful of well-known experienced players starting with Jimmy 'DemoN' Ho and the TI4 EG carry Mason 'Mason' Venne continuing with Fogged, Chad and Clairvoyance.

On top of all these teams at the ESL One NA main qualifiers we will get to see in action the twelve place finishers at TI5, compLexity Gaming who suffered only two roster changes.

Looking at all the participating teams, one thing is sure: The North American DotA 2 scene looks way stronger this season and the fight for the one single spot available for ESL One New York 2015 will bring us great plays and a lot of tension.

The North American qualifiers will take place from September 12th to September 17th with a single elimination bracket, best-of-three matches, the grand final will be played in Bo5 format and will determine who will be joining Evil Geniuses at Madison Square Garden theater to represent North America.

ESL One New York 2015 competitors:



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