rOtK leaves EHOME to join LGD

In a long, emotional weibo post rOtK announced that he decided to leave EHOM and join LGD after some differences between him and the team coach 71.

Team captain Fan 'rOtk' Bai stated that his plans after The International 5 were to bring Zhilei 'BurNing' Xu and Zhi Cheng 'LaNm' Zhang at EHOME to play all three of them together. Apparently EHOME management did not agree with that move and didn’t want to replace Yang 'Zyf' Puchao with Burning.

rOtK explains in his post that EHOME is more oriented into  a young line-up while he is not up for “ training rookies “ and he wants to play with “his brothers “. Although the three ex Big God players promised each other that they will play together this season, too many things have happened in the Chinese shuffle and they end up playing in there different teams.

After a phone call in which rOtK cleared the air with Burning about his decision to move to Vici Gaming (fact that was rumored until now) he chose last night to join xiao8 at LGD Gaming.

LGD Gaming roster:

  • Zhang 'xiao8' Ning
  • Zeng Rong 'MMY' Lei
  • Lio 'Sylar' Jiajun
  • Yao 'Maybe' Lu
  • Fan 'rOtk' Bai
  • Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng (rumored to be leaving the team)



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