Report: BurNing leaves Invictus Gaming for Vici Gaming

"If you leave, I wish you all the best in your journey. If you stay, I will battle alongside you for another year," Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong posted on his Weibo late last night. The status is accompanied by a picture of him and Zhi Lei 'BurNing' Xu having fun on the beach.

The message was intended to be a cryptic message hinting the fact that BurNing will be leaving Invictus Gaming. GosuGamers' source also confirmed that BurNing will indeed be leaving Invictus Gaming in a "last minute transaction" to replace Zhi Hao 'Hao' Chen in Vici Gaming.

The change of Hao was viewed as "very necessary" for Vici Gaming to move forward despite finishing fourth and netting themselves $1,566,517 in cash at The International 5. No reasons were disclosed about the removal of Hao but Chinese netizens often call past TI winners such as Hao a curse and teams with members of previous TI winners will never win.

Hao is expected to rejoin his former team Newbee.

BurNing's move from Invictus Gaming to Vici Gaming on the other hand, adversely affected Invictus Gaming's roster. Already a 1-position player down, there is a possibility that ChuaN will also be retiring from competitive Dota 2 following BurNing's departure. In an interview with GosuGamers three weeks ago, ChuaN stated "If I am not able to team up with players like BurNing and Ferrari, the players I want to play with after the tournament, I will most probably retire."

Vici Gaming roster: 

Invictus Gaming roster:



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