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Both TI4 finalists finish in bottom four of Group B, CDEC and EHOME prevail

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In an unexpected turn of events both of TI4's grand finalists, Vici Gaming and Newbee found themselves out of the top 4 of Group B, and could now face early elimination in the very unforgiving best-of-1 opening lower-bracket matches at the main event. Newbee received a questionable direct invite and with limited appearances recently were a mystery, but VG's placement is further proof that the team has hit a rough patch.  


Newbee were TI4 finalists, now both them and VG face a rough road ahead

One draw too many for Vici Gaming and Newbee

Newbee opened well in the groupstages, a draw with Team EG and VP was a surprising start and opened people's minds to the possibility that Newbee were here to play, unlike their performance at DAC. However, the trend of drawing matches was a recurring theme for the TI4 winners here in the groupstages and the team ended up drawing 6 of their seven games.

With a bo2 format that rewards 3 points for a 2-0 victory, opposed to only 1 point for a draw, the fact Newbee did not win a single match 2-0 proved fatal. One win would have allowed them to challenge for 4th in the group.   

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