Global eSports Cup: five out of eight Vilnius LAN spots have been claimed

The South East Asia, CIS and Chinese regional qualifiers for Game Show - Global eSports Cup have concluded with Vega, Empire, TnC, Invictus Gaming and NewBee booking their tickets for the studio LAN playoffs that will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania from 30th of November to December 3rd.

After CIS has decided its finalists for the studio LAN, namely Team Empire and Vega Squadron, it was SEA’s turn to play the best-of-five decisive group stage playoff in order to determine who will be the team moving forward into the competition.

Both Siganture.Trust and TnC have come on top in their groups and if for some regions the results were a bit easier to predict, SEA saw big upsets with both MVP squads and with the Filipino team of the moment, Mineski failing to impress.

For the first round of the playoffs, Signature.Trust have fought their way out ofthe best-of-five decider match versus MvP.HOT6ix and managed to stop the Koreans winning the series with a  2-1 final score while TnC had to face the up and coming sensation team of GeC, Panglima(5). Although Pang5 had a marvelous journey through the group stages, their dream has been stopped by TnC who took the series with a clean 2-0 final score.

Being one series away from securing a spot at the Global eSports Cup Studio LAN, TnC have shown great determination, taking down Signature.Trust without dropping a single game, which also boosted their winning rate for this mouth to 100%, with seven wins in a row.

After the second group stage of  the Chinese qualifiers ended up with a five way tiebreaker in group A, all the teams involved have decided that Invictus Gaming should be the ones advancing into the decider playoffs. Having two spots reserved for the Vilnius Studio LAN the two best-of-five match ups were disputed between NewBee and DK.Scuderia with NewBee emerging victorious while the other encounter resulted with IG taking down FTD Club.

List of Vilnius studio LAN qualified teams:

From all the eight teams advancing to the Vilnius LAN playoffs only four will remain in the competition to fight for largest prize pool outside Valve’s tournaments, The International and Major Championship. Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 has no less than $330,000 cash money up for grabs and the winner of this will be decided at the DreamHack grand finals LAN event held on 5th and 6th of December this year in Moscow.



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