Loda to participate in Swedish Poker Championship

Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and his iconic hat will try their luck at the Swedish Poker Championship.

Professional Poker players are known for their signature fashion styles and that is where Loda will fit right in, as we can’t imagine him without his hat with the Monster logo on it. He is one pair of shades off from being mistaken for one. Personally I would suggest 80’s biker shades to complete his image, should he find fame and fortune outside the world of Dota 2.

Despite popular believes Poker is not only luck based, but it requires a lot of skill, strategy and reading of your opponents, all of which Loda poses as the carry player for Team Alliance. Nerves of steel and patience are valued the most in Poker since making the least amount of mistakes is required to painstakingly climb to the top as the stakes go higher.

This isn’t unlike when a Dota game goes beyond forty-five minute mark, when one single lapse of judgment can cost you the whole game, just ask NiP.Dota2. All this considered Loda can put his Dota 2 skills to work, as he is known for near perfect executions and taking best decisions when it comes to balancing risk versus reward.

We all know Poker pays a lot more than Dota so maybe retired professional players can seek a career in it if Jonathan 'Loda' Berg shows that it can be done. All chips on him, double zeroes, green.

source: svenskaspelspoker.se, GosuGamers.


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