Vici Gaming, EHOME, LGD pulls out of the Global eSports Cup #1

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Gosugamers has been informed that Vici Gaming, LGD and EHOME have all dropped out of the Global eSports Cup #1 due to various reasons.

Three teams in group B of the Global eSports Cup #1 Chinese regional qualifiers have pulled out for various reasons. The teams are LGDVG and EHOME; as of writing of this article, the reasons for EHOME and VG pulling out has been released. Vici Gaming pulled out due to health issues with both Fy and Fenrir - caught a cold. EHOME pulled out due to Visa issues and LGD supposedly pulled out due to Visa issues as well.

Gosugamers have been informed that the replacement teams have been found and are as follows: LGD will be replaced by DUOBAO, EHOME by Newbee.Y and VG by FTD.A.

VG's statement:

VG's statement translation:

“After the end of the Nanyang Championships, VG boarded the return flight [to China], the continuous traveling has left the team in a poor physical state; FY and Fenrir have both caught the common cold and are unable to undergo intensive training and the other members needs some time to reset. After discussions, in order to put on a good performance, the team has decided to forfeit their spot in GameShow. We are sorry to our fans and the organizers and we hope that you will understand. ”

EHOME's statement:

EHOME's statement translation:

“Due to the Nanyang Championships, our team is fatigued from the traveling and require some time to recover. We also want to prepare an American Visa for The Summit 4 [There is only enough time to get either a Visa for The Summit 4 or a Visa for the eSports Cup #1] and train for the Fall Major. Another point of consideration is the scheduled date for the eSports Cup #1 LAN finals is very close to The Summit 4 and the Fall Major. Considering the points above, the management have decided to withdraw from GameShow [Global eSports Cup #1] and is sorry towards the organizers and our fans.”

Source: VG's WeiboEHOME's Weibo, Gameshow, GosuGamers.


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