Invictus Gaming forced to withdraw from The Frankfurt Major

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Invictus Gaming has been forced to withdraw from The Frankfurt Major due to complications in obtaining a visa for Su “super” Peng. The team did not have a substitute registered, therefore falling out of compliance with the roster lock rules implemented by Valve. No replacement has been announced yet.

Su “super” Peng has a complicated issue regarding being able to apply and obtain a passport and visa based on the Chinese ID system called Hukou. Hukou is a system that has been implemented that indicates your providence of residence and is linked to various policies and welfare benefits. In super’s case, his family had relocated during his lifetime and failed to cancel their previous Hukou when they did, and registered in the new providence simultaneously. This is strictly against the rules and being registered in two locations makes him ineligible to obtain a passport and visa. He is unable to rectify the situation in enough time to then be able to travel.

As Invictus Gaming did not initially register prior to the roster lock with a substitute, ESL/Valve will not permit the team to participate with a stand in.

Invictus Gaming qualified for the event through the Chinese Regional qualifiers after sweeping Newbee.Young 2:0 in the lower bracket finals.

Substitutes and Roster Locks

The role of the substitute players and the impact of the roster locks is increasingly becoming more important as teams are starting to experience.

Team Empire

team empire roster changes

Empire was the first team to find themselves in a precarious position regarding the newly implemented Roster Locks. When one of their new members, Andrew “The_apathy” Aleshkov, was recruited before the deadline, he was unable to register with Empire since he had already accepted his invite to team aSpera. His commitment to the latter team resulted in a locked position, leaving him unable to be kicked or leave on his own. The team was then forced to play through the open qualifiers.

Team Archon

fluffnstuff dota 2

Team Archon picked up FIRE on the eve of ESL One New York. The team was directly invited to the NA regional qualifiers for The Frankfurt Major, however during the time of the open qualifiers, the team had made a roster change and had to participate in the second open qualifiers. They were not able to advance and lost their opportunity to compete in the regional qualifiers.



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