The Chinese giants ready to face off in Global eSports Cup#1 regional qualifiers

Global eSports Cup China's second group stage is set to kick off on November 3rd with the sixt finest Chinese teams of the moment directly invited to play against the ones who made it from the first group stage.

Following the same format as Europe and SEA, the Chinese qualifies for GEC are featuring two group stage rounds and a playoffs stage to determine which two teams will secure the trip to the Vilnius, Lithuania LAN final playoffs stage held at the end of this month, 30th November - 3rd December.

At the end of the first group stage FTD.BTongfuWingsEhome.KingDuoBao and Vici Gaming Potentialare the six teams who made it further into the tournament. They will be joined in the second group stage by some of the best teams that the Chinese region has to offer and they will be split into two groups. Only the first two teams from each group will advance to the best-of-five playoffs games.

Directly invited teams:

Playoffs games:

  • Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd
  • Group B 1st vs Group A 2nd

The Chinese madness will start Novemer 3rd at 07:00AM CET with IG vs FTD.B, make sure you place your Gosubets to start winning your ggnet branches.



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